Special Thanks - Title VII Summit

We thank you for attending our first ever
Title VII Equal Opportunity Employment Summit!

  • It's important to take a leadership role on expanding opportunity for all - and we appreciate your help in sharing the importance of positive, productive solutions. While we celebrate 50 years of progress since passage of Title VII, there is more to be done.
We appreciate your support to raise awareness, provide issue education, and create even more opportunity for our Veterans and contractors impacted by Title VII Rules and Regulations. It's so important that everyone on every phase of a Project understands the goals behind the rules.

Thank you for your help in sharing this message: the expanding construction industry, and the influx of returning Veterans, offers an opportunity to make a positive difference, to build our local economy, and expand employment capacity throughout the Region.

Best Regards,

Tova and Sterling Barbour, Veterans Advocacy Group of America


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